Public Address Systems

Evo Fire & Security Voice Alarm systems are designed specifically to meet the life safety issues contained within BS5839 part 8 and EN60849. If you need to broadcast clear unambiguous emergency messages from a voice alarm system, Evo can advise, design and plan a system to suit your needs.

Research has proven that in an emergency people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, intelligible message. Bells and sounders only give a warning, what that warning is, is never clear. Evacuation using clear, easily understood, pre-recorded messages ensure that even untrained personnel are evacuated speedily and efficiently.

Public Address systems provide the simplest means of contacting all your work force at once. Primarily this would be used for staff location in, for example, a large factory, office or warehouse where your staff are not always in the same place or by the same telephone. This is quicker than finding the worker in person.

Evo Fire & Security can advise, design and install the best possible systems for any given budget.

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