PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is the examination of all electrical appliances/equipment to ensure users safety. The vast majority of electrical malfunctions can be found via visual inspection, however, some appliances require further testing. The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) enforces all electrical equipment which can cause harm is maintained to a safe level.

Items that may require testing include computers, kettles, fans and microwaves. Essentially, this includes any device with a power lead and plug, intended to be powered through an electrical mains. Evo Fire & Security offer a PAT Testing service whichfollows a set procedures, as follows:

  • A visual inspection of the appliance will be completed, including the flex and plug looking for damage;
  • Each plug will be checked to ensure the fuse and all connections are correctly configured;
  • Various electrical tests will be completed (e.g insulation test);
  • A specified label (you'll have seen these of many appliances) will be placed on the appliance documenting various information, such is whether the appliance has successfully passed or failed. It will also include the test date and a re-testing date;
  • Information about each appliance that has been tested will be generated into a report;
  • A PAT Testing certificate and report will be presented and issued to the customer.

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